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The mission of the Downtown Skokie Alliance (DSA) is to support the businesses by promoting and advocating for the growth and awareness of Downtown Skokie through collaboration among property owners, private citizens, community and business leaders, public sector representatives and civic organizations.

There are no dues. Everyone is a member – even you. We operate 100% as a volunteer organization with its membership composed of business owners, community members and leadership from the public sector. Our funding comes from sponsorships and contributions from members and residents.


Scott Holtz, Chair, North Branch Yoga
Ross Mathee, Vice Chair, North Shore Community Bank
James Iverson, Secretary, Mini Man Monkey Brains
Richard Kong, Skokie Public Library
John Lockerby, Village of Skokie
Jon Marquart, Skokie Park District
Joy Schaefer, Skokie Chamber of Commerce
Aileen Collopy, Gaite Salon, Marketing Committee
Sam Eckerling, Print X-Press, Membership Committee
Steven Hochwert, Skokie Paint
Wayne Mell, Skokie Theatre, Marketing Committee
Glen Roter, Edward Jones, Membership Committee


Cathy Maassen, Skokie Public Library – Events Committee
Terry Ratoff, Skokie Public Library – Marketing Committee
Ann Tennes, Village of Skokie – Marketing Committee Co-Chair
Julianne Arvizu, Community Member, Marketing Committee
Jessica Dembo, Community Member, Marketing Committee Co-Chair
Elline Eliasoff, Community Member
Jill Feldman, Community Member
Randy Payne, Community Member, Marketing Committee