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Saturday, May 13
9am until they are gone
Plant list below

5120 Oakton – Directly across from Village Hall with plenty of parking on the corner of Oakton and Floral

Evanston Subaru in Skokie
Contour Landscaping





















In flats of 36
$14 each flat

Begonia Ambassador GL Pink
Begonia Ambassador GL Rose
Begonia Ambassador GL White
Begonia Senator B.L. Scarlet
Begonia Senator B.L. Deep Rose
Begonia Senator B.L. White
Dusty Miller Silverdust
Marigold Bonanza Orange
Marigold Bonanza Yellow
Marigold Hybrid Vanilla
Petunia Damask Pink
Petunia Damask Rose
Petunia Damask Blue
Salvia Victoria Blue
Salvia Vista Red
Snapdragon Snapshot Red
Snapdragon Snapshot Yellow
Snapdragon Snapshot Purple
Vinca Pacifica XP Merlot Mix
Vinca Pacifica XP Cherry Red Halo
Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry
Zinnia Profusion Double Fire
Zinnia Profusion Double Yellow
Zinnia Zahara Sunburst
Ageratum High Tide Blue

In flats of 24
$14 each flat

Begonia Ambassador GL Mix
Begonia Senator B.L. Mix
Coleus Wizard Rose
Coleus Wizard Sunset
Coleus Kaleidoscope Yellow
Marigold Safari Tangerine
Salvia Victoria Blue
Zinnia Profusion Double Mix
Zinnia Zahara Sunburst
Zinnia Profusion Double White

Single pots
Ageratum Hawaii Blue 5.0
Coleus Wizard Pineapple
Zinnia Profusion Double Fire
New Guinea Imp Divine Cherry Red
New Guinea Imp Divine Pink
New Guinea Imp Divine Orange G. L.
Petunia Wave Pink
Petunia Easy Wave Yellow
Petunia Wave Purple
Petunia Wave Blue
Coleus SB Coleosaurus
Begonia Dragonwing Pink
Begonia Whopper BL Red
Begonia Whopper GL Red
Begonia Whopper BL Rose
Begonia Whopper GL Rose
Coleus Campfire
Coleus Kong Jr Rose
Lantana Dallas Red
Lantana Landmark Yellow
Lantana Bandana White
SunPatiens Comp Fire Red
SunPatiens Compact Coral Pink
SunPatiens Compact Electric Orange
SunPatiens Compact Lilac
SunPatiens Comp Orchid
Dichondra Silver Falls
Hedera Algerian Ivy
Ipomoea Little Blackie
Ipomoea Marguerite
Vinca Vine Variegated
Caladium Florida Cardinal (Shade)
Caladium Red Flash (sun)
Caladium Pink Fannie Munson (Shade)
Caladium Pink Beauty (Sun)
Caladium White Wing (Sun)